Spare-parts and Accessories

Spare-parts and Accessories.

We are still there for you!

As usual, strong by your side!

Over the past 45 years, now and in the future!

For decades it has been the company philosophy at Häcker that many parts are manufactured in-house. Many others are obtained from proven suppliers in close proximity and stocked in-house. This completely avoids long supply chains and their possible failures.

The continuity is guaranteed. Neither internal nor external influences will change this (more information will follow).

Not only for the filter presses and pumps wear parts and spare parts are always available from stock but for the entire system range. This service we provide to our customers so that the well-known machine availability of Haecker is always secured in case of emergency.
Whether you need filter cloths, filter plates, all hydraulic cylinders or aggregates for filter presses, or ball valves or seats, spare pistons for pumps, please send us your inquiry.

Guaranteed spare parts supply.

Even for older machines, the supply of spare parts is guaranteed.

New hydraulic cylinder for a Haecker filter press Year 1985th.

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