Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors have proved as an ideal device for transporting filter cakes. The optimized for filter cake construction by Haecker is largely self-cleaning. Therefore the spirals also transport materials with difficult consistency without sticking them. Since the screw conveyor crushes the filter cake during transport, filling in a variety of containers is possible.
Screw conveyors together with a customized discharge hopper are integrated in the steel structure by Haecker and form a perfect functional unit with the filter press, because of the complete production from one hand.



Double screw conveyor.

Double screw conveyor, made of stainless steel  with plastic lining and transfer funnel, produced for a filter press size 1500.


Distributing screw conveyor.

Distributing screw below the double screw conveyor distributes the material alternately on two transport containers.


Screw conveyor.

With a screw conveyor and a transfer funnel, mounted under a membrane filter press size 800 for example, filling is possible in a normal big bag.

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