Reactors and agitators

Reactors and agitators in steel coated, stainless steel or plastic

Haecker manufactures lamella separators and individual containers of plastic, stainless steel or coated steel, with or without a stirrer, for the treatment and depositing of waste water and for the storage of suspensions and slurries. Whether round or square Haecker provides the right design to the last detail. The piping in steel, stainless steel or plastic, is installed by our experienced specialists to the highest quality standards on site.

Haecker produces individualized propeller mixers up to 30 kW power. The remarks are adapted to any task, for various compositions of the suspensions. Whether simply mixing of treatment and filter aids or redispersion of the filter cake for fractional filtrations - Haecker offers the optimal solution by own manufacturing.


Octagonal Reactors.

Production of octagonal or rectangular mixing vessels made of stainless steel and steel coated in streamlined form.




High-performance agitator drives.

High-performance agitator drives mounted on traverse for intensive mixing and dissolving .


Propeller agitators

Propeller agitators transmit the drive power optimally in flow energy.


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