Membrane filterpresses

Membrane filter presses with hydraulic squeezing

Unlike chamber filter presses at membrane filter presses a membrane is mounted on the plates, by means of which the filter cake can get squeezed by the membrane. For safety reasons Haecker membrane filter presses will be offered exclusively with hydraulic squeezing device.


Membranefilterpress size 470.

A manifold pipe is visible on the top which supplies each plate with pressure by a hose. The complete squeezing device is integrated in the stand of the press.



Membrane filter press for laboratory use .

Membrane filter press, laboratory use with manual drive.



Membrane filter press with membrane plates size 1200mm.

Equipped with automatic drip plates and plate shifting device, secured by light grids on both sides.


The hydraulic driven device offers a short squeezing time, a controlled squeezing process, the highest security level and also saves energy especially at high pressures.

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