Lamella clarifier and Round Clarifier

Haecker manufactures lamella separator clarifiers of coated steel or stainless steel.

The high-performance lamella separator was developed as quick clarifier designed for substances with lower settling speed.
The special design of the inlet and outlet ensures a uniform flow throughout the whole clarification chamber.
In the generously dimensioned mud spikes the settled sludge decreases from the clarification chamber directly to the mud suction ports.
The mud spikes are accessible via manholes without that the clarifier plates must be removed.



Installation of agitating device with traverse into the clarifier.

Round clarifier (right) with conical bottom and surrounding overflow frame with outlet port to the clear water buffer tank (left). The feeding into the cylindrical clarification chamber takes place by means of a centrally mounted inlet pipe.

The conical bottom is used as a sludge storage volume and has below a connection for the sludge suction port. In the clarifier a slow-running agitating device is installed, which clears out the conical bottom to the sludge outlet.


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