Industrial dryers

Dryer for filter cake and similar materials.

Generally, filter cakes from filterpresses and especially from mebrane filterpresses already have a high dry substance content; however in many cases, this is not enough. It is often necessary to reduce the residual moisture in order to diminish the quantity of the filter cake to be eliminated, or because a certain consistency is necessary , e.g. for further treatment or, in the case of thixotrope media, for transport.

Haecker filter cake dryer has been developed to meet the spezial requirements resulting from the characteristics of the filter cake. It reduces the residual moisture of filter cakes to the desired value; irregular filter cakes are transformed into a uniform fine granulate.



- Filtration on well proven Haecker-filterpresses
- Filtercake buffering in the box feeder with frequency-regulated exit conveyor
- Metering of the drier feeding system via a  weighing belt
- Drying of the filter cakes in the Infrared dryer by steady circulation
- The result is a dryed granulate with low dust production
Economic operation and minimum exhaust air emission values due to low drying temperature.
Throughput optionally from 100 kg to 10 tons or more per our.
(The drawing shows an installation to filtrate and dry 10 tons/our)


Filter cake dryer.

Loading of the complete mounted filter cake dryer at our site.


Before drying.

Feeding of the sticky material via the weighing belt.


After Drying.

Extraction belt with dry bulk material.



Videos of the plant with filter press and dryer.



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