Chamber filterpresses / automatic filterpresses /membrane filterpresses /

Filter presses are the heart of each plant for solid-liquid separation processes or suspensions for product filtration as well as in wastewater treatment or recycling of liquid media. Haecker produces a wide range of machines of different sizes and designs that can be adapted to each individual task. Haecker filter presses are based on a standardized component system with a variety of sophisticated components for economic variation in any application. Thus it is possible to offer the ideal solution for your filtration problem, for Haecker almost no task is impossible. References from many countries and different industries stand for their own.


Chamber filter plates / Membrane plates.

Chamber filter plates made of polypropylene or stainless steel. Membrane plates made of polypropylene, PVDF, welded or with replaceable EPDM membrane.


Single or double acting hydraulic.

The single or double acting hydraulic, pneumatic control system and if necessary, the hydraulic  membrane squeezing system is integrated dirt-protected in the hydraulic stand.


Automatic plate shifting.

Filter press with automatic plate shifting and device for shaking off the filter plates and fully automatic filter cloth cleaning.


High-quality, multi-layer coating.

High-quality, multi-layer coating, stainless steel or all-round plastic covered for any environment.


Open or closed filtrate outlet.

Open or closed filtrate outlet with the option for filter cake washing and / or drying the filter cake by air.


Rectangular or round sidebars.

Rectangular or round sidebars made from one piece and coated with corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel.

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