Auxiliary equipment

Accessories and auxiliary equipment for filter presses

Filtrate drip plates.

Since filter presses usually give off some drip filtrate through the filter cloths, drip plates are available for this.
o Manual removable drip plates from GRP be mounted with a slope below the plate pack, so that the drip filtrate runs into the filtrate channel.
o For larger presses automatic drip plates are used, which are folded up for opening by means of a geared motor downwards so that the filter cake can fall down into the screw conveyor for example.


Plate shifting device.

For larger filter presses the filter plates can no longer be moved by hand. Therefore, an automatic plate shifting gets mounted. This is controlled and secured with light grids. Also available in stainless steel. (see picture)

In addition the plate shifting can be combined with a plate shaking devive or a plate restraint device, so for example used at ceramic filterpresses.


Cover / housing.

For special applications, a cover for the plate pack is available. This may be necessary to secure the closing of automatic presses. It also can be used as a splash protection.
If due to the size of the press it is not possible to cover, the press can be housed (picture). Escaping vapors are suctioned off on top by a hood. The entrance is possible via a secured door and an electrically driven high speed gate at the frontside, which is only opened for discharging the press.


Filter cloth washing device (click video).

In some cases it is necessary to wash the filter cloths regularly.
For this purpose, an automatic filter cloth washing device is available, which is mounted on the plate shifting device. The clothes are gentle on tissue hosed, using a high pressure washer, whose nozzles drive along the filter cloths, meandering from top to bottom. Since the Haecker device requires only two nozzles, it only needs an extremely small amount of wash water and electric power.


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