About us


F. l. Peter Gmeiner - Autorized Signatory, Nadja Hecht - CEO, Wolfgang Nickl - Operations Manager

The new management of Häcker Maschinen GmbH introduces itself.

Following the sudden death of my grandfather, engineer Karl Häcker, who had been the owner and managing director of Häcker Maschinen GmbH since it was founded in 1975, I will take over the overall management of the company with immediate effect. My name is Nadja Hecht and I will continue to run the company, that my grandfather built up with all his dedication, skill and knowledge.

Our service cars are available for your support.

I am assisted by our long-time employee Mr. Peter Gmeiner, who is authorized signatory and workshop manager. He is a loyal and responsible assistant to implement the wishes of our customers and to be able to offer products of high and reliable quality - as is customary Häcker Maschinen GmbH.

Our long-time employee Mr. Wolfgang Nickl is operations manager and as such responsible for the entire technical department. He takes care of all your process engineering questions and concerns.

We and our entire team look forward to acontinued good and cooperation and your usual contact persons will be here for you to answer any questions you may have about filtration technology.

Haecker´s company buildings are located in the heart of the german “Fichtelgebirge”.

Our team consists of experienced engineers, chemists, electrical engineers, masters and skilled workers out of the significant fields of engineering. The special know-how in developing and manufacturing of the filtration equipment up to the filtration process technology for all different applications have been continuously developed during decades. The most efficient filtration plants and a major availability of the equipment are the result of these efforts - convince yourself!

Own factory since 1975!

2 Filterpresses Type 1200 on steel construction with conveyors.

Chamber and diaphragm filter presses are the major topics of all activities. This is how Haecker serves companies of all industries, also engineering companies as well as end users.
Haecker develops, designs and produces for all kinds of customers requirements in its own 3000 m² factory halls - this is our philosophy against short-lived trends. .

Mounting of a box feeder.

Other machines and components to complete filtration plants of waste water or product filtration are also an important part of Haecker's product range. Plastic, metal or mechanical engineering, vessels or mixers, pumps or control cabinets as well as special equipment - Haecker develops the products and manufactures them as well. This leads to the fact that Haecker is a partner for everything. Therefore a perfect product quality and a significant functionality during a long lifespan are guaranteed.

3D-CAD Construction

3D drawing of a filter press type 1200 with below mounted filter cake box feeder on a multi-storey steel structure.

In order to implement the machine and system planning into the reality, Haecker has powerful and most modern 3D CAD workstations.

Laboratory / Labroom

new liquid - after use - after cleaning.

At Haecker procedures, flocculants and reagents are tested in our own laboratory , with which the various industrial wastewater can be treated.
It need to be considered different criteria:
- Heavy metal precipitation: In wastewater dissolved heavy metals must be precipitated, so that they can be removed as a solid from the water.
- Flocculation: The smallest particles are coagulated by flocculants.
- Filter aid: In order to achieve a good filtration.
Furthermore, different filter presses are available on a laboratory scale, with which the process found can be verified. From the collected performance data, the dimensioning of planning to plant can then be derived.

When the laboratory scale is not sufficient to assess, also a well-equipped experimental room is available. Chamber filter presses and membrane presses in sizes 250mm to 470mm are available, furthermore the required vessels, for example Sedimentation tank and lamella separator, and other facilities that are needed for experiments on a larger scale.

Environmental protection / specialist German WHG law

Everybody talks about the environment, we do something!

Haecker filter presses and plants are making since decades its contribution to environmental protection, so in the form of disposal, or in more and more increasingly recycling.
For example, our plants for cleaning white water from the ceramic industry and for colored wastewater treatment  in various fields. The plant for zinc recycling or other metals  contribute to environmental protection. Circulating-grinding-water systems help to save water and dryers help in reduction of waste.

Haecker is monitored by German TÜV as a specialist according to German WHG law (formerly §19l WHG) and as such has decades of experience in the planning and construction of plants for the treatment of wastewater. The systems, designed to thoroughly clean treatment processes, enable compliance with the conditions of the respective water right-rules.

Exhibitions / own patents / research contract

Exhibition within a Bavarian joint presentation.

Haecker manufactures, among other by its own patents in the fields of mechanical and process engineering.
Especially for the cleaning of arsenic-fluoride-complexes in water a research contract was awarded by the German Environment Ministry and completed.