tuev_siegelAutomatic waste water treatment plant
e.g. for ink wastewater from the carton printing.

• Complete treatment systems tailored to your wastewater problems.
• Various sizes and designs available, also continuously working systems possible.
• two- or multi-stage precipitation and flocculation for wastewater containing heavy metals
• pH control for optimum precipitation results, with final control and logging.
• Best AOX - reduction, low levels of heavy metals.
• Gradual removal of the clear phase is possible.
• Filtration on proven Haecker chamber or membrane filter presses.
• feeding of the press by means of high-pressure piston pump or piston diaphragm pumps.
• Solid filter cake with low eluate values facilitate disposal.


Collecting vessel           reaction vessel with control        piston pump        filter press


Powder doser.

Powder doser for powdered reagent in use. From a black, chunky broth ...


Clean clear water again

...it gets clean, clear water again at the outlet of the filter press.

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