Membrane filter press size 1000 with inflow on the top, optimized for material with high specific gravity. This filtration is used to separate different metals. To this end, one of the metals gets dissolved and can then be removed during the filtration with the filtrate, while the other metal, that is not dissolved, remaines in the filter cake. To remove the residues of the dissolved metal from the filter cake, this is washed after filtration, blown dry and be squeezed.


Membrane filterpress size 1000.

Equipped with plate shifting device, safety light curtains and automatic drip plates.

As an option, a sprinkler is mounted, with which the plate pack can be wetted to prevent undesired development of dust. A washing device cleans the filtrate dripping plates and prevents salt deposits.


Filterpress opened.

Spezial filterplates to wash and dry the filtercake. Edges of the filter clothes are impregnated for sealing.

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