Plant for cleaning grinding-coolant-circulation-water

Plant for cleaning grinding-coolant-circulation-water.

- For grinding water of ceramic printing rolls (Anilox)
- For grinding water from technical ceramics
The grinding swarf in the water sinks to the ground of the clarification container (left). The above overflowing clear water gets into a buffer tank (behind, not visible) and is pumped from there back to the grinding machines.

The settled sludge is filtered by means of a piston diaphragm pump (front, left) into the membrane press (behind, right). Meanwhile filter aids are dosed via a piston pump (front, right).
By thus and by a sophisticated, computer-controlled regulation of the feed even the finest particles can be filtered economically.

- The grinding coolant remains completely in the water.
- No substances are added to the grinding water by the treatment.

Because clean water for grinding is always available, the quality of the grinding surfaces gets significantly improved. The plant operates extremely economically by the high durability of water and grinding coolant, which extends up to 10-20 times. The cost of disposal of the used grinding water and sourcing new grinding coolant are reduced to a minimum.

Plant for cleaning grinding-coolant-circulation-water.

- Clarifier (left)
- Piston diaphragm pump (before)
- Dosing device with piston pump (right)
- membrane press (behind)



Previous tests in our own laboratory.

Grinding water

- New    - after use      - after cleaning


Clear filtrate in operation of the plant.

Clear filtrate in operation of the plant.

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