Ceramic material

In the filter presses with plate size 1200 the ceramic slurry is pressed and brought into a precisely defined plastic consistency which is required for further processing. The feed pressure required for this purpose amounts to 16 bar.
Since the filter cake adhered strongly, a retention device was mounted at the plate shift that surely separates the two filter plates of each other and thus relieves the operator.
Among the presses a self traversed slide is mounted, which can slide smoothly the falling filter cake on the conveyor belt so that it can be transported in one piece.

Chamber filter press in 24-hour use.

Haecker chamber filter press design 16 bar in 24-hour use.


Retention device for filter plates.


To separate the two plates apart,  two telescopic tubes are mounted with retaining latches on the shifter on both sides, which prevent further plates can be pulled along, even if they stick strongly. The stroke of the telescopic tubes is selected so long that the holding effect is not only upon separation of the plates, but peeled off to the filter cloth of the cake (about 250 mm). The retention force can be adapted to the application.

In cases where otherwise the operator had to pry the plates apart, this results to significant reliefs and savings.

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